Sticky: Home remedies for vaginal thrush – Homeopathic remedies for thrush | Natural cure for bacteria vaginosis

Sticky: The Best Cure For Vaginal Odor And bacterial Vaginosis Treatment
April 22, 2018
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April 22, 2018

Sticky: Home remedies for vaginal thrush – Homeopathic remedies for thrush | Natural cure for bacteria vaginosis

Welcome! I guess you’re searching for the best home remedies for thrush or commonly referred to as Bacterial Vaginosis ? Do not be alarmed it is a common occurrence for most women today.

All You Need To Know About Vaginal Odors

Welcome! I guess you’re searching for the best home remedies for thrush or commonly referred to as Bacterial Vaginosis ?

Do not be alarmed it is a common occurrence for most women today.

In this article you’ll discover the most effective treatment to permanently eradicate those nasty odors that includes, home remedies for thrush, home remedies for vaginal thrush, homeopathic remedies for thrush and natural cure for bacteria Vaginosis.

Before letting you on the best home or homeopathic remedy for vaginal thrush in which about 75% of women suffer from these days, can I just suggest that if you’re serious about permanently curing your vaginal odor then by all means follow these important steps below:

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So, let’s begin shall we?…

What is vaginal thrush all about?

Thrush is a vaginal yeast infection. It’s also known as candida vulvovaginal candidiasis or vaginal candidosis which normally affects women in their twenties to their forties and even fifties and those who are pregnant as well.

According to research figures, over 75% of women get infected with vaginal thrush at some point in our lives with most women suffering from recurring but severe infections. Normally, these infections rampantly causes itching, other irritations and swelling of the vagina and vulva area which can be quiet disturbing.

Treating vaginal thrush is not as complicated as most women anticipate it to be though, however, vagina thrush infections can be very unpleasant, uncomfortable and most annoyingly embarrassing before or during sexual intercourse with one’s partner, period cycles, a simple doctor’s examinations like smear tests thereby leading to low confidence and also leading to very low self esteem.

We all have fungus in our bodies. Particularly, candida (yeast) which naturally occurs in various parts of our bodies like in our mouths, vagina, digestive systems and other parts of our bodies occur due to over growth- yeast growth is normally controlled by the friendly bacteria in our body.

When the balance of these friendly bacteria is offset and these yeast cells are allowed to overproduce candidiasis (yeast infections) occurs.

Infections are more peculiar amongst adults with debilitating general ill health and those with suppressed immune system possibly by the nature of their illness or diseases e.g. treatment like chemotherapy.

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What actually causes vaginal thrush?

The most common cause of vaginal irritation is yeast infection known as the vulvovaginal candidiasis.

This infection (yeast) is the common cause of between 82-95% cases of vulvovaginal candidiasis while the remaining percentage tend to be Candida glabrata.

In most times, a major factor for infections is not known as several combining factors contribute towards the onset of vaginal yeast infections.

These includes..

  • Sexual activity- Although vaginal thrush is not seen as a sexually transmitted disease, sexual intercourse and other forms of sexual activity can transfer candida organisms. Some men whose partners have vulvovaginal candidiasis develop symptomatic inflammation of the skin on their penis.
  • Women with weakened immune system due to immunosuppressive drugs, HIV or chemotherapy are more prone to vaginal yeast infections that causes unpleasant odours from the vagina. It’s been discovered that Using vaginal sponges and other intrauterine devices make users more susceptible to vaginal yeast infections. Although some studies purport that wearing tight clothing can also provoke an infection but this theory hasn’t been proven yet.
  • Another major cause of vaginal thrush has been affiliated to antibiotics. You see, antibiotics means “against life”, so it kills off living organisms including bacteria. Especially, friendly bacteria as well as infectious strains. This act end up causing imbalance in the yeast environment causing vulvovaginal candidiasis in most women.
  • It’s also been known that diabetic sufferers are more susceptible to yeast infections most especially when it’s poorly controlled.
  • Changes in hormone levels have been attributed to vaginal candidiasis. Women who have not menstruated or post menopausal women tend to be less susceptible. In most women, it is frequently triggered by hormonal changes that take effect within the week just before our periods, and during pregnancy as well.
  • Doses of oral contraceptive pills have also been affiliated with vulvovaginal candidiasis whilst there has been no direct link with minimum dosage thus far.

Typical vaginal symptoms to look out for!

In some instances, there might be no symptoms at all. whilst on most occasions a typical infection will unvail some or all of the symptoms explained below…

  • Infected persons tend to have pains during sexual intercourse also known as dyspareunia
  • There is persistent irritation in the vulva or vagina region which could become unbearable most times.
  • Infected persons will also experience burning and unpleasant sensations when passing urine.
  • Itching of the vulva is also peculiar with vaginal thrush
  • There is also thick white curd like discharge from the vagina as well


At what point of vaginal thrush infection do i need to see a doctor?

If you experience symptoms listed above or other symptoms and you think you might have Vaginal Yeast Infection, it’s paramount that you ask your doctor for confirmation as some symptoms affiliated with thrush could relate to other conditions including sexually transmitted diseases like gardnerella, trichomonas and even chlamydia.

Although a visit to your doctor could be embarrassing, your doctor could also confirm the possibility that the irritation could be caused by a more severe infection like cancer of the vagina or cervix or perhaps presence of a foreign body.

On the other hand, if you’re suffering from recurrent bouts of vaginal thrush and are certain of the diagnosis, there are many quality and cost effective remedies or treatments available that you can obtain. As listed below…

The Best Home or homeopathic remedy for vaginal thrush

Home_or_homeopathic_remedies_for_vaginal_thrush_imageAlthough there are many treatment options available for vaginal thrush, Bacteria Vaginosis Relief (BVR) stands out to be the  most effective because  it gives  permanent relief from vagina odors also preventing  recurrences. Contents within has a reputation for permanently eradicating vaginal thrush within 3 days.

In comparison to other expensive medications, tablets and injections, BVR the one and only home remedy for vaginal thrush is wholly affordable and has no side effects whatsoever unlike other prescription tablets and injections we take which contains toxins that could be harmful to the body.

This homeopathic remedy for thrush is the best home or homeopathic remedy for vaginal thrush. It does this in the most natural way possible thereby permanently taking out the root causes of this infection as the odors never reoccur again.

This downloadable guide will show you the various food ingredients in the right proportions, food diets , various fruits and quantities you need to prepare at home that would effectively ensure the permanent removal of your vagina odors.

Users of this natural cure for bacteria vaginosis have been extremely very pleased with it’s effectiveness and permanent removal of the root cause as they now have a more fulfilled sex life and increased confidence- they don’t have to worry about the odor reoccurring again. Check Out Some Testimonials Here!

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