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April 22, 2018
Try Venapro the Best Hemorrhoid Treatment.
April 22, 2018

I was discussing with my work colleague over launch when the topic of External Hemorrhoids came into focus. I’v known my very good friend Amanda now for over 17 solid years, as we finished high school together. We’ve been on similar career paths now for ages. I qualified to be a Registered Nurse (RN) while she went along the path of being a midwife. Although there is not much differences in our career path, we still enjoy the old gossip of our daily routine at work.

I was discussing with my work colleague over launch when the topic of External Hemorrhoids came into focus. I’v known my very good friend Amanda now for over 17  solid years, as we finished high school together. We’ve been  on similar career paths now for ages. I qualified to be a Registered Nurse (RN) while she went along the path of being a midwife. Although there is not much differences in our career path, we still enjoy the old gossip of our daily routine at work.

So you see Amanda and i have come such a long way. Thats why we can discuss everything and anything under the sun together. But when the subject of External Hemorrhoids came about, i couldn’t but help feeling sorry for the hundreds of External hemorrhoids sufferers and cases i come across with on a daily basis at work. So I decided to put up this resource to help those in need of understanding what they are going through and the best External Hemorrhoid treatments available to them.


So, What Are External Hemorrhoids?

External Hemorrhoids

You see Hemorrhoids can be internal or external depending on the location where it develops from. Internal Hemorrhoids usually develops within the anal passage inside the body while External Hemorrhoids (which is the subject of our discussion today) on the other hand develops on the outer part through the outside of the anus.

From experience, External Hemorrhoids are normally swollen areas of the skin and blood vessels around the anal area. Especially, developing around the outer areas of the anus.  They can be extremely very sensitive and innervated with a high risk of developing into a further thrombosis which can be very painful. So due care must be exercised in order to avoid this.

One of the main disadvantage of having External Hemorrhoids is that it comes in the way of your personal hygiene. For instance, due to the sensitivity of the infected areas using tissue after going to toilet can be hurtful as it makes contact with the skin. Secondly, in the event of taking a shower, you just might end up avoiding those area of the body whereby scrubbing with sponge, applying shower gel or soap can easily spark a painful sensation.

In most cases of Hemorrhoids, blood clot usually develop within the inside veins of the anal area as a result of constipation or diarrhea. This is what causes painful swelling or lump around the external part of the anus.


What Are The Causes Of External Hemorrhoids?

It’s not been scientifically proven why hemorrhoids get bigger with time. But there are numerous causes of hemorrhoids that includes:

  1. Having a very low fiber intake within your diets
  2. Sitting on the toilet for long period of time
  3. Constipation which primarily involves straining too hard to have a bowel movement
  4. Pregnancies
  5. Lack of regular exercises
  6. And severe cases of diarrhea

Although all these theories lack scientific and experimental evidence, pregnancy on the other hand is a major cause of hemorrhoids, yet again there is no scientific evidence to prove this motion. Another major contributory factor for hemorrhoids is the tumor in the pelvis, it does so by clamping on veins moving blood upwards from the canal of the anus.

Another theory indicate that it is the pressure from hard stool going through the anal canal that forcefully pulls the hemorrhoidal cushions downwards. While another theory states that with deteriorating conditions with age, supporting tissue that help anchor hemorrhoids to the underlying muscle of the anus weakens. And as time goes on the hemorrhoidal tissue looses it’s firmness then slides down the anus.

According to researches, one notable discovery about enlarged hemorrhoids that could be consistent with comprehending why they develop in the first place is that pressure from the anal sphincter is reduced, the muscles surrounding the anal canal and hemorrhoids.

However, this anal sphincter can simply be explained as the muscle that enables us to firmly control  our bowel movement. Although it’s not known whether if it is this released pressure precedes the creation of this enlarged hemorrhoids or is simply the result of hemorrhoids itself.

Though during bowel movement increased pressure is needed to push out stool through the tighter part of the anal sphincter, the force applied to push down stool could also drag down the hemorrhoids which gets enlarged in the process.


What Do External Hemorrhoids Look Like?

The real pictures of Hemorrhoids cannot be described in words alone. I have gone out of my way to get these graphic pictures of hemorrhoids. They are extremely very graphic and i must WARN you that these External Hemorrhoids pictures you’re about to see are not for the faint hearted.

These are real pictures of real people with extreme case of External Hemorrhoids. Also remember that these pictures are not meant to be substitution for proper medical diagnosis that can be obtained from your doctors.

View At Your Peril! External Hemorrhoids Pictures

The first image you’ve just seen is a  sample of prolapsed internal hemorrhoids in it’s natural looking state. While the second picture shows what it looks like when the tissues have been pulled back due to shrinkage. As it was taken while using Venapro External Hemorrhoid Formula. The bulges you see around the edges are the External Hemorrhoids.

Venapro is one of the best External Hemorrhoids Formula for treating Hemorrhoids today. You may click on the link to go to the official Venapro website and stop your hemorrhoids getting this far.

Signs That you Have External Hemorrhoids

Are you currently experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Burning and itching sensations near your anal area?
  • Noticing blood after you’ve been to the toilet or simply blood in stool?
  • Having pains during your bowel movement due to very hard stool?
  • Feeling lumps around your anal area?
  • Anything that feels remotely like those listed above…

If you are, then you have got Hemorrhoids or piles or haemorrhoids or hemroids. These are common spellings for the same term that many people understand it to be. You might want to consult your doctor if you’re still not sure.

However, I’m definitely sure it’s hemorrhoids your having. It isn’t a life threatening illness or disease but could be extremely very annoying, embarrassing, painful, inconvenient with potential complications if handled incorrectly.

It’s very important to note that External Hemorrhoids are not diseases or sickness as mentioned earlier but rather an enlarged vein that has been aggravated with some form of force, like pressure during stooling, sitting for long periods of time, itching and so on.

There are many ways to relieve Hemorrhoids, often people make the mistakes of using creams, ointments and suppository to suite the tissues. This only gives temporary relief  and end up coming back again.

To permanently get rid of Hemorrhoids, you’ll need to use Venapro Hemorrhoids formula or another simple alternative would be the H Miracle System which is a sure fire way of getting rid of Hemorrhoids the natural way without side effects.


What To Do When You Discover You Have External Hemorrhoids

Do not panic or be in despair once you discover that you have Hemorrhoids unlike many people, Just simply :

  1. Use Venapro Hemorrhoid Formula
  2. or the H Miracle System – For natural and permanent cure

And if symptoms persist after using any of these then consult your doctor immediately.

The Best External Hemorrhoids Treatment

People are different and they may react to things in many different ways. What might cause side effect for one person might not be for the other. Thats why I like the H Miracle System. The complete guide on how to permanently stop Hemorrhoids naturally, no side effect whatsoever.

It’s the first and only complete guide that i’v seen that shows you how to completely cure Hemorrhoids using natural ingredients right in the comfort of your own home.

The H Miracle system has received more great reviews than any other External Hemorrhoid Treatment from a huge number of Hemorrhoid sufferers. I recommend that you try it out:

The Hemorrhoid Miracle System

Best Overall Hemorrhoid Treatment

Average User Ratings:

External hemorrhoids 5 stars rating


I strongly recommend that you check out the H Miracle System.

What i love about this system is that it contains comprehensive guide on how you can permanently stop your hemorrhoids using the natural means without suffering any long lasting side effects whatsoever. With this guide, you’re guaranteed hemorrhoid relief in days or your money back!

Also, the guide is easily accessible, and it’s more effective than going under the knife to have a surgery done. Of course we all know that surgeries are more expensive and the recovering period can take ages thereby restricting you to the sick bed.

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Other External Hemorrhoids Treatment

These other External Hemorrhoid treatment are also VERY good and worth checking out. I’v seen over 15 Hemorrhoid treatments systems (for treating every form of Hemorrhoids) and these ones are the very best of the best

Hemorrhoid treatment Venapro

Best Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Treatment

Average User Rating:

External Hemorrhoids 4.5 stars

Venapro is a proprietary formula with all natural ingredients specially selected for their traditional use in homeopathic treatment for many of the symptoms that are consistent with External Hemorrhoids.

Ingredients: It’s made from various natural extracts that are very good for the digestive system. They include: gelatin, purified water, soldium laurel sulfate, Krameria’Mapato, Muriatic Acid, Witch hazel, Stone Root, St. Mary’s Thistle, Fluoride of Lime, Arnica and Horse Chestnut. All ideal for External Hemorrhoids treatment.

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neo-healar-external hemorrhoid treatment-ointment

Best External Hemorrhoids Treatment

Average User Rating:

External Hemorhoids- stars-4-5

Neo Healer is also a very effective external hemorhoids treatment option. It’s a 100% herbal preparation that does not contains artificial toxins,drugs or chemicals that would cause side effect. The Neo Healer has been specially formulated to reduce hemorrhoids swelling, soothe hemorrhoid inflamation, relieve hemorrhoid pain, stop bleeding and also gets rid of itching.

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External hemorrhoid treatment saviour

Best External Hemorrhoids Treatment Guide

Average User Rating:

Esternal Hemorrhoids Treatment stars-4-5

Hemorrhoids Saviour Guide With this hemorrhoid treatment guide, you do not need to under go surgery to remove your hemorrhoids, you won’t need to take any medication, you don’t any creams or suppositories and neither do you need a doctor.

This is a complete guide that’ll show you how to completely cure hemorrhoids in the privacy of your own home with a combination of few ingredients! Fast results.

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