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Hello, my name is Chisa.

Welcome…to my Blog !

This blog is dedicated to the men and women that are suffering from Hemorrhoid, Anal Pains, Black stool, Bloody stool, having regular Sitz bath and a host of other similar ailments. I understand how much agony it can be experiencing such pain and discomfort. And to make issues worse, it can be quiet embarrassing having to discuss it with a loved one or even your doctor.

I was once a sufferer myself, although i was in denial for a while, im glad i finally overcame it and im confident you too can overcome yours as well- Here is my shocking story. Statistics have shown that these types of ailments are quiet common amongs men and women between the ages of between 35years and beyond. It is fairly equal between men and women with women slightly having a bigger percentage of 55%.

What really stuck out to me was how embarrased people are about these illnesses, they were generally shy to ask for help or get professional help. Sufferers like myself needed help identifying what they had was indeed hemorrhoids and then understanding how best to deal with them.

The number one response is normally go to your general practitioner (doctor) and get them removed. But that does not seem to cure and prevent the ailment- only a temporary solution.

All these issues prompted me to set up this blog to help anyone in dire need of help and assisstance in solving their individual problems.

I really hope these helps and if there is any further assistance you might need, do not hesitate to contact me.

Take care for now…

Chisa Cookson

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